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Will This Stock Market Go Lower?

A long term bull or bear market in equities may last as long as 16 years, as was the case in the bear market from 1966-1982. That long term bear market included a deep 48% retrenchment in the Dow Average in 1973-1974. The market rose powerfully out of that 1974 bear market bottom, and stocks then traded in a range until the new dawn of the long term bull market beginning in August 1982 as a free market Reagan administration took over the reins of power.

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Would You Rather Be a Trader or an Investor?

As the U.S. stock market neared a bottom in February 2009 during the financial meltdown, the equities market were in the author's opinion trading at very cheap levels. Reizner described in this post how two styles of stock market participants: short-term traders and those who invest for the long term are diametrically opposed. John stated in 2009 that it might be better to be a long term investor and for investors to enter the market at what turned out to be very opportune levels.

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