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Posted on March 24, 2015 -
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By John Reizner |

The dark snake is captured trading its nation
In whispers with the czar’s minion sharing their opinions
Plying the younger to turn accomplice in gambles
Revealing its nature by selling the chosen
They relive their remembrances
Remembering their endings in prisons
The snake keeps its flock close to its call
Renders unto them lasting sustenance and home
Coin and silver scarce for the others
The families keep time siding with their brothers
The dark one fortifies the new soldiers who kill his own
Protects the soldiers who target who won’t fall
They march against the desperate and low
In a new age of fury 
Prosperity for his own
Ruling with no soul
The snake casts its shadows into the night
The chosen are traded in haste without might
The sea stained red with the blood of sacrifice
In the great nation and afar
Chosen touch urns and memories
Of them believing it could not happen before
The snake bargains in secret and greets all the czars
In the south below his palace
Zealots deep down in bars
The noble Persian masses are largely unaware
While the snake and the zealots keep sealing their wares
Their riders prepare battlements
Sealing the terror
Against the holy in their fields
Surrounded by the furor
The great nation’s market shudders and falls
As they who trade in it turn wretched in whole
Storms rain upon earth
Without plenty at all
A cold year of want and poor sorrow for all
Many of his flock heed his true shadow
Hatred and fire fill the skies and the meadow
His own keeping soldiers near him to fight
Martials the soldiers and battlements
In forts buttressed by might
Cold winds graze the land
The homes of the disbelievers
Burying the bodies
Brushing the rows
The brethren and their soldiers
Carry out orders and codes
The snake and his circle
Witness convulsion in the lands
And prosper in caves rife with plenty
Protected from their hands
The chosen in their Lands fall in the bargain
Protect the holy and fight for their border
Cities afar fall in chaos and curdle
He fulfills the promise to bring in the order
Visions of the Essenes
Bathe in the sea by the chosen
Rise again as the Day prophesied
When the snake is exposed by the light
God and the Sun will decide who is right
The snake wears the crown of his secrets
Angers the living
He hides from the light
From the Judgment twice written
By the holy and the Israelites
God of the Essenes and the Sun
Living purify the others
Living restore the lands
The snake and the followers
Stand for Judgment
Tremble in fear and cower
Without their battlements
Tears they prosecuted
Fall into their mouths
Consuming their essences
And spilling their entrails
The Essenes and all the others
Baptize in the water
To purify the air
The essence of the waters
Where they lived in the years
The sun rises on the Day of the Ages
The lands of Promise purified by sages
The peoples and their herds
Reborn to liberty In comfort and life
God renews the land and its temples
And banishes all strife


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