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“I have made it my life’s work to understand how to successfully invest in the stock market over the long haul."”

I launched in 2006 as a project to satisfy my desire to share my investing journey throughout the years and to present to others the successful method of investing that I had developed.

My first awareness of the stock market was when I was about ten years old. My grandfather had invested in stocks during his lifetime, but he had become legally blind in his later years. So to continue following the market, he taught me how to read the stock quotes to him from the newspaper. At that early age, I had embarked on a path toward learning how to successfully navigate the stock market.

Later, I studied economics at both Vassar College and Columbia University, where I became intrigued by American economic, financial and stock market history.


I formulated my simple stock investing method after a decade of observation and participation in the stock market. Beginning in the early 1990's, I implemented the technique that I had discovered and made use of my own funds to test my theory's validity. Using this method, I earned excellent returns in both mutual funds and individual stocks, which I describe in detail in my book, A Way to Wealth:The Art of Investing in Common Stocks my timely blog posts, investment articles and the FAQ's. In fact, many of my investments multiplied several times, up to ten times in value since my initial investment.

How I Did it My Way

I'm not a Wall Street insider, but like many of my readers a member of the investing public. For many years, I observed the stock buying behavior of major players on the Street and company directors; then I formulated, tested and successfully implemented my rules-based investing technique. Throughout my career, I tried many different long-term and trading methods to find a path that was most profitable over time; but the method that I portray in A Way to Wealth was significantly more financially rewarding than the others.

It Can Work, If You Work It

Benjamin Franklin was right when he said, “Time is money.” And it does pay to be patient in order to build wealth though stock investing over a period of years.

My hope is that you will benefit from my experience, my blog and articles, as well as my book. May my book help you in your own investing journey, whether you are a new or more experienced investor. It takes less than an hour to read but may save you time and money over a lifetime.

John Reizner,
Author, A Way to Wealth

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