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Stock Purchase Criterion #1:  Watch stock purchases by top executives

“I believe that a person’s success in choosing worthwhile stocks can be significantly improved by a careful study of open market insider purchases, combined with other knowledge as described in this book. In this book, I provide comprehensive examples of how I analyzed insiders’ open market purchases to use in order to profit from my investments.”

Stock Purchase Criterion #2: Look at what equities the best money managers are buying.

“In this work, I refer to the methods of those investors whom I call…visionaries in their field: those who based on their long experience can “see” what is usually the right thing to do at the right time. Often this means going against prevailing Wall Street opinions, various buy lists, or model portfolios. These visionaries are men and women such as the late Edson Gould, the very present Warren Buffett, and John Templeton… I will add to the greater body of knowledge my own understanding and experience, complete with examples, insights and rules, and demonstrate my techniques.”

Best Equity Funds for Long-term Growth: Seek funds less likely to decline in a difficult market.

“Equity mutual funds can provide, at their best, steady long term growth of one’s wealth. I believe the key to profits in this area, is to find funds less likely to lose back a large part of their gains in a difficult market. This end is compatible with long term growth of capital achieved in bull markets. This means staying away from the investment fad of the moment, the currently “hot” funds, and instead, I believe, choosing value type managers. Well-chosen funds of this sort can and do provide reasonable growth, as they do not overpay for stocks in euphoric markets.”

More about the Author: John Reizner’s Success

“From the late 1970’s through the present day, I have been and am the originator and developer of a successful systematic method of investing in common stocks and equity mutual funds. I have tested this method for over a decade with my personal assets. With reasonable diversification, it has grown my wealth in good times, and preserved much of it in very challenging markets…I believe these results compare well with many Wall Street professionals offering their services to the public…. As a member of the public, I believe you can be a stock market winner and survive in the investment battle.”

More about the John Reizner Theory and Practice of Investment

“Some have argued that there is an unspoken code, a cipher that unlocks unending profits in the stock market. I think that exists in the mind of the beholder. Individuals may, according to their know-how and experience in the world of investments, and if they are lucky to live long enough, gain a key to the kingdom…In the process I have developed, one of the primary filters for making the decision to buy a given stock is the top officers’, known as insiders, purchase of their company stock.”

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